Hotel Cumbres

Read here the sustainability policies of Cumbres Puerto Varas

In December 2018, the Cumbres Puerto Varas Hotel was recertified with a Sustainable Tourism “S” seal in its category 3, which happens to be the maximum category awarded each year by the National Tourist Board – Sernatur. This seal guarantees visitors that the hotel’s services come up to what is expected regarding sustainable tourism worldwide in socio-cultural, environmental and economic fields.  

Additionally, the esteemed "Confianza Turística" (Tourism Trust) certification, granted to us by Sernatur in 2020, serves as a testament to the hotel's adherence to stringent health and safety protocols, ensuring guests enjoy peace of mind throughout their stay. 

Our sustainability policy is based on efficiently administering and conserving energy and water, aimed at minimizing emissions and neutralizing our carbon footprint by means of reforesting Patagonia, as well as special programs involving how waste has to be handled and recycled. Cumbres Puerto Varas has sought to add the value of sustainability at each stage of the hotel’s operations and so this manner of sustainability has become a part of “what we are” in the chain and all of us working in it; thus leading to a greater quality of employment and enormous pride in belonging to a team in aid of the environment in the workplace. 

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